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 Artur Rojewski.

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The automotive blog testdriver.pl was created for people like you, people who love cars, motorcycles and boats. In a word, for all those who would be the most willing to mount a jet engine to the broom, fly away in the dark using gearbox hanging at the end of the wooden handle with the logo of Automobili Lamborghini ...


An automotive blog created for people with passion

You have probably repeatedly read the automotive press and watched programs about cars in which cars were not accurately described. You are not the only one, I also often read the press or watching the automotive program. Often I got the impression that descriptions are far-fetched, sponsored or simply specifically hidden. I write the truth, I do not embellish, I do not invent, I just present the car as it is. I created this website so that you could learn more about the luxury cars that you like so much.


Reliable tests, opinions and comparisons

My descriptions are not standard and do not rely on pasting only dry technical data because it would be too simple and too boring. My whole life revolves around motoring, that's why I decided to create unique stories based on real life events that took place during car travel or are closely related to the places I visited when traveling around the world. Even if you are not a fan of motoring, there is a chance that in a moment you will stay.


Climb to the top of automotive dreams

I'm going in->

Take only the Best things!


For my tests I m trying to choose only the most luxurious and expensive cars in the world. My philosophy is simple "measure high and you will go far". The cars that I describe are the work of modern motoring artists, I like them much, or I am just connected to them by some story that I experienced. I invite you to my motoring thresholds, I am convinced that you will definitely find something for yourself. Ready?


Artur Rojewski

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Attention! This site is for information purposes only, does not promote any driving style and is not of a training nature. All cars covered by the descriptions and photos posted on this site are used in accordance with traffic regulations and with the highest security measures in order not to cause any damage to road users. The author of the blog is not responsible for other road users who in a manner inconsistent with traffic regulations or with the exposure to the health and life of others, will use vehicles on public roads and outside them.