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09 March 2019
„Super!.. Car?" The world of supercars has always had its own rules, reminding the automotive Eden to which admission had relatively small group, people with huge financial resources not available
09 March 2019
„Long S-tory" It is Monday evening on February 9, 1998, the column of four government cars move along the street of Tbilisi (Georgia). The President Eduard Shevardnadze is approaching his
09 March 2019
„The Viking's ship" Sverige, Svenska, Szwecja or simply Sweden. The land when people take care of the environment, human life is the most important and the awareness of the need
09 March 2019
„Meeting with the King" Imagine a car whose purchase price exceeds 1 million PLN , its motor is almost twice as powerful as those installed in modern buses, and in

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