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06 July 2019
„Lady in Red" As a teenager, I paid much attention to the appearance... of the car. Of course, at the beginning of my career behind the wheel, as soon as
14 June 2019
„This is not... America" The USA.., a country of many opportunities, career success, speculation, film production and hamburger. The American mansions looking similar to castles dripping with luxury and are
07 June 2019
„Super!.. Car?" The world of supercars has always had its own rules, reminding the automotive Eden to which admission had relatively small group, people with huge financial resources not available
07 June 2019
„The Seducer" What a beautiful day, I want to live, I love spring and the beginning of summer, this smell, warmth, smile on the people's faces. Oh yes right, that
26 May 2019
„The Alfa male?” Did Ugo Sivocci while painting the symbol of a four-leaf clover in the bonnet of his car believe in superstitions? We probably will not find out, but

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