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„The Hurricane"

I never thought that any car would be able to bother me. I drove many beautiful and expensive cars, in which I spent long hours driving hundreds of kilometers full of impressions. I often left them more or less satisfied.., but never infatuated like after the first date with a person who, by their behavior, personality and appearance, would be close to ideal. In my mind I saw how I overcome this road behind the wheel of the new Lamborghini stopping only at gas stations, which were a restaurant for my "supercat" and a pass for further travel, which really shouldn't end.., at least in the script and on the set of a movie, shot by a dreamy teenager. The world of supercars is incredibly exotic, not available and hermetic, practically impossible to reach for an ordinary, average person. I once read an article in one of the probably British newspapers about the Sultan of Brunei car collection, a man who gathered several thousand of the most expensive cars on earth. For years Sultan hid these works of art in a complex larger than Melbourne Airport, to which nobody accidental has access. The first and for many years the only journalist who got permission to enter this fabulous land, described this place as the "Temple of Aladdin" and a fairy tale like from the One Thousand and One Nights. He managed to take a series of photos with a micro-camera, on which he portrayed cars that never officially came into existence or were destroyed at the prototype stage. In this great cave there are rooms painted in different colors that match the varnish colors of the cars which reside in them; and so, for example, in the "Yellow room" stands a dozen yellow Ferrari, in the Red room we will find five the same Lamborghini Diablo. I don't know how many of these rooms are there, but the number of vehicles is impressive. To illustrate the scale we're talking about, let me just say that Sultan owns 604 Rolls Royce, 452 Ferrari, 134 Koenigseggs, 179 Jaguars and many, many other most exotic toys on earth. Some of these cars were produced in limited quantities, a few pieces all over the world.., and all of them Sultan owns. The pictures identify hand-built Porsche at the secret Crewe factory, as well as custom-made vehicles from Rolls, AMG, Aston and Porsche. Some cars are said to have cost over $ 15 million per unit. Only who manages all this since the royal family only drives? Well, a team of qualified engineers who have honed their skills in the most prestigious car factories on the planet. Supposedly, these people earned $210,000 a year in the mid-1990s. Only after many years of publication an article revealing Sultan's ownership, it came to light that there was a separate room at the AMG factory called sweetly "The Sultan Room" in which custom-made cars were built by hand, complementing the gaps in the fleet collection belonging to Mr. Bolkiah. A real disaster took place in 1995 when near Turin the 18-wheeler overturned with 15 supercars prepared for Mr. Hassan by Pininfarine himself. Probably there are more stories about it and the Sultan's collection has doubled or tripled, because new, beautiful and expensive cars are being created all the time. The truth is, however, that most ordinary mortals will never be allowed to sit behind the wheel of a supercar worth millions. Are you sure? And here the invisible power of dreams and visualization comes in handy thanks to which the creations of our imagination transform into material things. In 2017, I wrote a letter to the presidents of all the largest car factories in the world. I presented to them the concept of improving the road testing program for cars that have entered or they are to enter production. I implied them that there was someone like me almost begging for a ticket behind the gate through which I would enter the land of the most beautiful cars in the world. I got a lot of answers, including from Bugatti, Bentley, Mercedes, Ferrari and Porsche, but unfortunately none of them brought good news to me, they gave me politely to understand that I would.., piss off. I was most sorry to read the letter I received from one of the leading German sports car manufacturers. It was written that among many highly qualified specialists who send their applications to them, details are often of the greatest importance and my application was rejected, although they wished me success. At first I thought that maybe it really doesn't make sense, and if I don't fit into their world, I just don't fit in, and I have to accept it. I looked at all these letters and suddenly a thought crossed my mind, a slight smile appeared on my face and I said to myself these words "You don't want to hire me in one company, I I will hire myself in all of your companies, you don't want to give me one car, I'll take them all” and here it is standing next to the latest Lamborghini Huracan, I remembered how the website was created, which I dedicate to you sharing the experience of driving the most luxurious cars in the world.


Lamborghini Huracan
26 September 2019

One April day I stand in front of a car worth 300,000 Euro and I know that in a moment I will set off. The very appearance of this car causes shivers on the body, and I know that I must be especially careful because the car has returned from the race track and tires are on their last legs. The Lamborghini Huracan, which I managed to drive, was equipped with a ten-cylinder V-shaped 5.2-liter unit, with 540 Nm of torque and 580 horsepower. This set includes a dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox through which the drive is transferred only to the rear axle equipped with a mechanical differential. That's it in theory because in practice my copy looks a bit different. Huracan, which I got for tests, underwent a strengthening procedure at the German Lamborghini service, where it received an additional dose of several dozen steroid horses. The printout from the dyno showed that there are 654 horses ready to run in this team and ready to burn rear tires to ashes. Remembering how to get into the BMW i8, I decided to wear dark pants in case I had to rub the entrance threshold with them every time I slip inside. And here the surprise is because in Lambo we don't have to clean the doorsteps with our pants. Indeed, getting on we have the impression that in a moment we will touch the ground, but the recess behind the door is so large that we can easily take a seat behind the wheel. I have heard many times that the quality of the interior finish of the „supercats” leaves much to be desired because everything inside is crackling, creaking and it's not properly matched.., maybe there is something about it, but it looks really good in Lambo. I actually heard some disturbing sounds from the armrest, but all the other elements are made of expensive, solid materials.., well, except for the Menu knobs on the central tunnel because I've just seen better in my life and these are not top-shelf in my opinion. Armchairs upholstered in delicate leather, alcantara and trimmed with a subtle red seam look amazing and so they support our body. Even driving very quickly I had the impression that I was wrapped in a device that does not allow me to move sideways. I grabbed the steering wheel with this magical logo and the first thing I thought was that I was facing a fight with huge gear shift paddles again, which will make it difficult for me to turn on the blinkers and wipers. Well, let the gawk in the salons... There are no protruding wiper switches or direction indicators on the side in Lambo. For everything there is a multifunction steering wheel, on which, as the name suggests, we'll find all the functions we need while driving. The biggest surprise inside was the vehicle menu and it is not because it is complicated because it isn't, but the fact that the information is displayed in Polish. In my opinion, this is due to Audi, specifically the MMI system, with which we operate this vehicle. Jumping on the functions of this car I expected that there will be a lot of them and by the way I will see something that I have never seen before and it turned out quite the opposite. The menu is very minimalistic and is basically limited to controlling navigation, telephone, radio, climate, on-board computer and playing set. In the car settings you will also not find much more than time, a door lock, the light in the glove compartment and a reversing camera. And you know what? Very well. There are no annoying functions in this car that would take a lot of time to operate, and the most interesting additions include the start/stop system, the reversing camera quite low resolution reminiscent of old Nintendo and the option of raising the front suspension before approaching the release threshold. It is worth emphasizing that this car has no additional monitor on the center console. All information can be read from the multifunctional, electronic monitor in the style of Audi, where you can not find any smallest analogue hand.


"In the land of  dreams"

As I didn't have much to do with supercars, I decided to take the passenger's seat first to get used to this car and see what the car can do, in the hands of a driver who is familiar with it. Despite the chair being moved back as much as possible, my legs remained slightly tucked up. I can't say that this is a especially tiring position but still a safety capsule made of carbon fiber clearly takes space in the cabin. On the central tunnel there is a red cover of the magic Engine Start/Stop button, after pressing which the pure and resonant music of a powerful motor is heard. This car does not pretend anything, there is no engine sound support, there is no need to look for buttons, after which we will witness some illusion, which would arouse our imagination creating the impression that we are dealing with a car other than the one which Lamborghini is in fact. A peaceful ride around the city shows me that the suspension of this car well enough tolerates road shortcomings. It is hard, yes, but not so much that we were discouraged from the very beginning. Unfortunately, the larger the holes, the more we have the impression that in a moment we will lose our teeth from vibrations. Driving through the tracks I was afraid of rubbing the bottom of the car, but nothing fortunately happened. At one point, I noticed that any sudden gas pressure breaks the wheel traction immediately. A friend explained to me that in this car the optimal tire temperature is 50 degrees Celsius (there is a tire temperature indicator) and everything below this value should light up the driver's warning lamp. When we were driving towards the highway at a normal pace, a white light with the image of pistons lit up in the lower left corner. It turns out that the computer disconnected us 5 cylinders to save fuel, which our super cat needs no more than 13 liters per hundred on a quiet trip in STRADA mode. Driving quietly, we were busy talking and even for a moment I forgot what car we were driving, no jerks when shifting gears, noises, shocks and similar excesses. Only the looks of passers-by, other drivers, photos, video and loud "look " reminded us that we are driving Lamborghini. When the temperature of the tires increases slightly, it's time for a stronger gas pressure. This car is dynamite I thought, and this is only the STRADA mode for polite drivers. When we got on the highway we turned on the SPORT mode and immediately felt that means 2.9s to hundreds with this car. The sound of the engine changed immediately, the transmission work as well, and I just got stuck into the armchair with the great force. At Stelvio, the computer changes gears very quickly, at AMG in the blink of an eye, same for cars with the M logo on the tailboard.., but Lambo crushes them all. In the SPORT mode traction control is limited and is intended to intervene when it is "wrong".., only it was "wrong" all the time because by the fourth gear the ESP lamp went crazy, and the car using every little moment of traction rushed like mad. In fact, the car began to behave more predictably when the temperature of the tires rose to around 53 degrees. The wheels did not slip so much, and the impression of powerful acceleration was even more intensified. I don't know where the border is, but this car drives itself to infinity all the time at the same pace. The transmission changes gears in SPORT mode in a split second, but in CORSA mode it does it at the speed of light, and with a sharp "kick in the back". Each subtraction of gas ends with loud shots from four pipes of the exhaust system, throttle blip downshift provides us with another portion of steroids and indefinitely Lambo is ready for madness... Already in the first meters of driving this car I noticed that the steering system is the unity of all suspension components with asphalt and driver, who only turns the steering wheel and sets the direction of travel in which Lambo will politely follow. The visibility from the cab is extremely good and the short cut bonnet of the car, which cannot be seen, makes us feel as if we were driving in a simulator. After a short moment of uncertainty, I realized that the driver very boldly and confidently began to jump lanes left, right and vice versa. Lambo behaves like a Matchbox, we are playing with. The adaptive suspension is doing the job and in a split second adapts to our road activities. There is, however, a small problem that I have been informed about that if during such play "left and right" too early and too much gas is pressed, then the car will become oversteering and probably will not be able to straighten it even in the most accessible mode, the Strada.

My dear, running this blog I promised myself and my readers that I would be objective, and not lie. I was not able to drive this car and it was not due to the bad will of its owner, but simply the common sense. The car returned from the race track, its tires were very worn and did not provide proper traction. To drive this car you need to have a lot of experience with a rear-wheel racing car and this is what Lamborghini is. I am sure that soon I will be able to get behind the wheel of this and many other supercars, and then I will immediately share my driving experience with you…

Would I like to be the owner of the new Lamborghini… I am aware that I was honored to ride one of the best, most expensive and most beautiful cars in the world. Only a few times in my life I left the car fascinated, excited and so confused that I barely found the way to my 21-year-old Honda which, of that impression, I forgot where I left. Despite the fact that the whole adventure lasted only a few hours, I would like to repeat it one day and take this car far ahead.., and where?, who knows, maybe to Madrid... So if you are able to accept the combustion during the rough driving within 35 liters per 100 kilometers, tires with a tread that is lost in view and a price exceeding 300,000 Euro the Lamborghini is for you. This car is addictive, and it raises so much interest in the world around us that you will certainly not go unnoticed :)


Artur Rojewski

"I'm scared again"

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