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Szczecin  15 wrzesień 2018

About Me



My name is Artur, I was born on January 10, 1983 in Szczecin (Poland), where I grew up, learned and developed my great automotive passion. When I was a little boy, living in an old skyscraper in my city, I had a poster hanging on my wall with a photo of the Mercedes SL 500, which I gazed at in the evening, dreaming of such a day in my life when I would drive it. I dreamed a lot, I created sceneries and cars in my mind, which I traveled all over the world. I could spend hours sitting on a bench and staring at a sports car or motorbike. It was late 90's when I first time met personally with the Premium Class cars and it was immediately by large P. My friend's dad took us on a ride with Mercedes S600 (model W140). In those days "sixhundred" was an absolute on top, and I already knew for 100% that luxury cars will become an inseparable element with which I will be bound to the end of my life. I started to meet people and penetrate the world of car and motorcycle enthusiasts. I started my adventure behind the wheel of Premium Class cars in 2002 with BMW 530d (E39) and this story continues to this day.., only cars and motorbikes change.


"I'm just Me"

Dear ReadersI am not an automotive journalist or a rally driver, but my strongest arguments are years behind the wheel and experience. I was driving many good, expensive and strong cars, as a driver I have made many thousands of kilometers at any time of the year and in all weather conditions, with front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and four wheel drive. In one word the planet earth was circle by me few times behind the wheel of cars worth a millions of euros.




"Honesty, reliability, honesty"

I created my website to share with you the impressions of driving luxury cars and motorcycles. I do not want to paste empty descriptions of technical data, there are catalogs to check information about it. I will not use cars or motorcycles on the racetrack or subject them to extreme conditions of use. I want to describe these machines in a simple language, in a reliable and understandable way for a reader who is not an expert in motorization. I will present vehicles as they are in ordinary everyday use, from the point of view of the average driver who looks at the car or motorcycle, gets in, starts the engine and sets off on the road.


"Dreams, pursuit of goals, success"

Everyone has some dreams, my biggest is to become a member of the car testdrivers team or high performance cars driving instructor. I realize that accomplishing the goal that I set myself is very difficult, because who would not make money doing something what love to do the most, but on the other hand I was dreaming about driving the best cars on earth and I'm driving them today. And You? Do You have any automotive dreams? :)


Remember, wise man said; dream dream because sometimes your drems make come true

Artur Rojewski

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Attention! This site is for information purposes only, does not promote any driving style and is not of a training nature. All cars covered by the descriptions and photos posted on this site are used in accordance with traffic regulations and with the highest security measures in order not to cause any damage to road users. The author of the blog is not responsible for other road users who in a manner inconsistent with traffic regulations or with the exposure to the health and life of others, will use vehicles on public roads and outside them.