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„Ave! Aventador"

Beginning of the second half of the 90s, Szczecin, Poland. It is said that the city is dangerous. There are often football fans' brawls and on the walls of the buildings you can see graffiti made by young groups, which create specific divisions of the districts into zones of influence.., figuratively and literally. In Szczecin there is skate fashion and teenagers dressed in wide pants with chains travel the city smoking weed, listening to Prodigy and organizing booze fueled parties in the absence of „folks”. For me, the second half of the crazy 90s is also a music band Varius Manx, sincere friendships, carefree time in the basement club and first love. One day my friend's dad took us on board of a large Fiat 125P and we went camping. I thought then that it was a terrible shame for me to leave the district in this „cupboard” in front of my friends, in addition in the back seat. Taking various, strange positions that would allow me not to reveal my image in the square window of the rear door of Fiat, I traveled the road listening to strange noises coming from under the hood of this car. I was just wondering what's going on here since the power unit makes such a powerful bang when starting, and the car barely rolls forward. At one point, when we were standing at the last traffic lights somewhere on the city's tollgates, I noticed a red "something" which stood next to us. The embarrassment of being visible in the back seat of Fiat has passed, and I was staring in disbelief at the latest Lamborghini for those times, on Swedish license plates. Two young men were sitting inside, who I tried to give signs to encouraging to press the accelerator pedal harder, with the help of gestures. I thought "well, two bulls next to each other, it will happen" (I meant Lambo and Fiat 125P which had such a nickname). And it happened... Before the clutch in Fiat caught up, and the motor, by making a typical, terrifying roar, set this „flat” in motion the Countach was already at the Swedish border. Almost deaf from these clicks and knocks I finally reached this campsite but in my head I had the moment of the meeting with Lambo. In September 1999, on my way to school, I noticed Lamborghini standing next to one of the hotels. The school ceased to interest me and despite the inevitably approaching problems resulting from being late I ran off the tramway to see what it was. It was Lamborghini Diablo and a breakthrough moment in my life when the "Dream Mode: ON" option turned on seriously. In mid-2000 I went by bus (Ikarus brand) to Italy. Anyway, it was quite interesting because the whole trip was planned for 7 days, and the trip with Ikarus lasted two days one way. In any case, the finale was that I went to sunny Italy, tired as if I had run there at least. When I was sitting on the pavement and eating ice cream in the center of Rome, once again I saw the familiar silhouette of the car. In an instant I ceased to be interested in this whole Roman Byzantium and walking around the ruins. My body rose from the pavement and headed in the only right direction leaving the rest of the group who were waiting with the ticket in hand before entering an old Italian basement with alcohol. Then for the first time I felt my eyes glazed and I felt weakness. I did not know what to do, to get inside the car for a while and pass the round around the proverbial chimney, as a passenger. In 2010, I finally went as a passenger of a “supercat” from Sant'Agata Bolognese. I asked the owner of Lamborghini Gallardo to take me for a literally two-minute ride. I remember that then I started sending powerful energy into space, in my mind. There was no day I didn't dream of Lamborghini. The real breakthrough came in April 2019 when I got into Huracan. Unfortunately, I was unlucky then. As you probably remember, it was raining first, and a few days later the car came back from the race track on bald tires and I didn't really have the opportunity to drive it. I didn't give up...


Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce Jota
10 November 2019

That day I went to the Federal Republic of Germany for one of the most important conversations in my life. When I arrived at the address provided, I saw the newest Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce Jota standing in front of the house, probably in the richest version available. The information I received about the case in which I arrived was short and very specific "Wait for contact and do not worry, the news will be good, bye". The young man I talked to, entered the house, and I got into my 22-year-old Honda and drove to Szczecin on the highway. Driving calmly on the right lane and looking at the beautiful sunset on my cheek a tear dripped... I think I was lucky because I felt inside that it would happen, that I would get what I dream about so much all my life... The next day around 10:00 PM I received a message that I had to come to Germany the next day at 10:00 AM. I got there and stood in front of Aventador not knowing that I would spend the whole day in this car. Looking at this car with my photographer, we were convinced that we would not be able to make material about this super-toy because we were speechless when we saw it. Aventador is powerful, feisty and muscular. This car "hangs" a few centimeters above the ground, and each part of its body was designed for enormous speeds. The sharp, aerodynamic shapes of the bonnet and front bumper are designed to cut air particles into atoms using its jet in such a way that the front of the car is pressed with great force to the ground. The rear bumper is actually one big carbon diffuser reminiscent of those used in Formula 1 cars. The carbon fiber is everywhere; thresholds, mirrors, spoiler, splitter, diffuser. All these elements are to be light, durable, aerodynamic and extremely expensive... Well, but could Lamborghini afford savings in a car equipped with a V12, 6.5-liter unit with 770 horses? It couldn't. Can you save on components in the car, which accelerates in 2.8 seconds to the first hundred and accelerates to a speed of 350 km/h? Can not... Lambo claims that huge six-piston carbon-ceramic brakes worth no less than a studio apartment in the city center can stop this car from 100 km/h over a distance of only 30 meters.., I don't know, I didn't check, I believe engineers from Lamborghini. When the door was opened up, a fighter cockpit appeared in front of my eyes. I have never seen so much carbon in any machine made by human hands. Bucket seats (carbon), door lining (carbon), cab skeleton (carbon), finishing elements on the central tunnel (carbon), central control frame (carbon). To sum up with one word the interior of this Lamborghini I will say that... It's CARBON. Despite the almost cosmic materials used to build this car, impeccable style and the highest quality I did not feel comfortable and cozy in this car. Aventador is a crude athlete and that's how I felt when traveling with this car. Here you will not find ventilated armchairs, soft as diaper upholstery or heated armrests. If you want a massage while driving, then a ride on the bumps will provide us with a similar sensation.., with the difference that this massage will resemble the touch of a Russian chiropractor, and not the delicate hand of a young masseuse. The designers of Lamborghini Aventador made sure that guests aboard this vehicle feel unity with the car from the very first meters driven. It is loud here, you can hear gear shifting, suspension work and all components, but you know what? And that's beautiful and moreover it lets you feel the car. Huracan is more civilized in this respect. There, unlike Aventador, we'll be able to forget that we're driving a supercar. The sound of the powerful and entering turns V12 makes shivers. Lambo screams terribly, but interestingly this music is more like the sound of a superbike than a throaty bass murmur. A very interesting solution is the way we can open, and basically remove the lid covering the engine. For this we will need two small keys, thanks to which we will turn the locks on both sides of the cover. Remember that this cover has no trunk lid shock dumpers, which means that once you lift it, you will be forced to put it on the ground or put it back on. There is a third option; you can hold it because it's light only then why take it off? The operation of the entire Menu of this car is very simple and reminds me of the first MMI (Multimedia Interface) systems installed in Audi. I must admit that I was a little surprised. Of course, I did not expect large and complicated touch panels in this car, but a view of ordinary and simple plastic buttons on the entire center console.., I don't know, what do you think about it? The functions that are available are essentially limited to controlling the air conditioning, electric windows, driving modes, navigation, radio, telephone and start/stop system. With the help of one button we can raise the front suspension of the car in order to drive over the speed bump. On the center console there is a button thanks to which we can turn off the start/stop function and traction control at any time.., but please do not do it in this car. In the menu we can play with the settings; external lighting, central locking, and we can also set the windscreen wipers in service mode or activate a speed warning. An interesting feature in this "supercat" is the Lamborghini EGO driving mode, which we can configure according to our own preferences by setting independently the characteristics of the steering, the suspension and transmission. We also have the Strada, Sport and Corsa driving modes available. Let's remember not to recklessly activate the Sport and Corsa modes because then the traction control operations is limited. The central monitor is fully electronic and is divided into three displays; main, largest in the middle and two smaller ones on the left and right, respectively. The main monitor displays the vehicle speed, engine speed, G-Force overload indicator, gear counter, as well as a graphic indicator showing the operation of Aerodynamica Lamborghini Attiva i.e. an active aerodynamic system. In a nutshell, I say that the operation of this system consists in the proper positioning of spoilers in such a way that by changing the direction of air flow to minimize the pressure on the ground and air resistance during rapid acceleration, and act as an aerodynamic brake that increases surface pressure, and thus increasing the vehicle's adhesion during braking. The small display on the left has oil temperature indicators and its pressure, while the monitor on the right shows the fuel level indicator and the engine temperature. Owing to the buttons on the multifunctional steering wheel, we can change the indications displayed on the small monitor on the left, controlling, for example, the radio.



When the emotions dropped down and the level of adrenaline returned to, let's say a decent level, I got behind the wheel of one of the fastest, the most expensive and most beautiful cars in the world. Alcantara trimmed carbon seats literally wrap the entire body of the driver and passenger. They are not the most comfortable, but in a car with such performance, comfort is not the most important thing. Traditionally, I pressed the brake with my right foot, raised the red safety cover and clicked the Engine Start button. Just the sound of the starter itself setting in motion a powerful Italian stove caused my mind to switch to a higher turnover, moving into a state of absolute focus. I chose the Strada driving mode and... Exactly, even in automatic transmission mode, the first gear must always be enabled by clicking the right paddle on the steering wheel. I released the brake and felt like taking a huge bull for a walk holding the harness hooked on its horns.., and this is not exactly a metaphor. The steering is obviously very sporty, but it works without any resistance. The impression I wrote about above results from the characteristics of the work of the drive system. All the time it seemed to me that both drive axles were pinned together as if they were about to burst. I felt every pebble under the wheels and even the slightest slip of one of the wheels on the sanded ground. I quickly came to the conclusion that the Huracan I drove was a very calm car compared to its bigger brother. The man who accompanied me and knows these cars explained the difference very well to me. It turns out that Huracan has a dual clutch gearbox, which means that gear shifting is smoother. In addition, Aventador has all-wheel drive and in Huracan, which I had the opportunity to learn before, only the rear axle was driven. As a result, SVJ seemed to me more coarse and crude, but this feeling passed when I pressed the gas harder. Due to the single-clutch transmission gear shifting takes place with a characteristic jerk and regardless of the driving mode. Once I entered the highway, I decided to press the accelerator a little harder. The engine of this Lambo is so powerful that even a light and innocent brush of gas causes quickly to shift the gear and push the car forward. Here's a piece of advice, if you press the gas, just hold it, otherwise as a result of shifting up or down gears it may unpleasantly jerk the car. Just Aventador is not for undecided drivers ;) When the temperature of the tires increased slightly, I pressed the gas in half and found that it is already hard.., and this is only half of what this car has to offer. The speed increases at an extraordinary pace, but interestingly, it does not affect the stability and the traction of this vehicle in any way. Lambo all the time, as if it was welded to the road, rushes ahead and practically does not show any nervous signs that we can notice when driving quickly in an ordinary civil car. The sound of the exhaust system is wonderful because it is natural. There is no acoustic support, there is no sound of turbines because they are not there, but it is a great twelve-cylinder engine, which through two huge exhaust pipes constantly announces its presence, power and authority on the road. Changing the driving mode to Sport means that Aventador gets up ready to fight. The sound of the exaust becomes even louder and the transmission begins to control the gears more brutally. At a speed of about 60 km/h the word was said and the gas was pressed down. Lambo felt blood and literally wanted to tear my head off. The roar is amazing, the acceleration is powerful and I will honestly say that it is difficult to comprehend because everything is happening too quickly. At a speed of about 250 kilometers per hour, the indicator light informing about the change in pressure in the rear tires, so you had to slow down as soon as possible. It turned out that we didn't catch the flat tire. Simply the overloading and increasing the temperature of the tires in such a short time caused a change in the tire pressure value and in this car such messages must be taken seriously because everything that disturbs the traction of this car can lead to disaster. Entering the city I felt that this car began to get tired. The eternal fight with wells, ruts, curbs and holes makes it necessary to employ a logistics specialist who will work out the route. The Aventador suspension has been tuned so that you can drive without losing your teeth on the poor surface quality, but you certainly won't talk to the passenger at this time because the voice literally shakes and becomes incomprehensible. Driving this car I had the biggest problem with the use of direction indicators. In the Huracan, the blinkers are placed in the steering wheel. It is a convenient solution, but you have to get used to it. Here, however, the turn signal service is operated in a traditional way and it would not be a problem if it were not for the large paddles on the steering wheel, for which I hooked with my fingers every time, which caused me pain. When going on a Lamborghini trip, remember to bring only yourself. The trunk that is located at the front of the car has a capacity of only 125 liters so forget about the big suitcases.

Would I like to have an Aventador who stands and waits under my block every day? My dear, undoubtedly one of the biggest automotive dreams in my life came true because I got a great honor and joined the elite group of people who had the opportunity to drive one of the most expensive and fastest cars in the world. Certainly my heart is beating towards Lambo despite the fact that there are many other great supercars around the world.., but do I just Arthur from Szczecin's Pomeranian District need a car worth millions? Probably not, but that does not mean that I would not like to have the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of Lamborghini and set off on the road. Maybe to Madrid? :)


Artur Rojewski

"Macchina accesa"

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