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„The German Legends"

Many times I wondered if born in 1875 in Maffersdorf Ferdinand Porsche could have thought that the cars that will be produced in the factory founded by his son Ferry in 1948 will become one of the best and most respected sports cars in the world? I have no idea, but I know that this famous Beetle and Tiger tank designer was the creator of about 300 different vehicles that still conquer hearts and inspire people around the world. Undoubtedly, the 911 model, whose roots date back to the 1960s, is a jewel in the crown and one of the company's greatest achievements. It was unofficially said that the first work on this car began in the late 1950s. The main assumption of this project was to create a technically advanced sports car that is a strong rival for Italian and British manufacturers, who have been quite successful on race tracks around the world for years. I remember that when I was 7 or 8 years old I got an orange matchbox for Christmas, which arrived in the package straight not from Santa, but from my aunt Hilda and uncle Engelbert from Bavaria. At that time I didn't know much about cars, but the very appearance of this toy convinced me that in reality this car is certainly sporty and very expensive. Porsche, like other supercars, was so exotic and rare that I didn't really think about it at all.., I didn't think because I didn't see it on the road. As a student of the 8th grade of primary school, I knew quite a lot about cars, I was able to drive a few expensive Mercedes and BMW as a passenger, so as a teenager in 1998 I was “big fish”.., at least I thought so until one spring day. I recall sitting and talking with a friend on a bench in front of the hostels of the Pomeranian Medical University. At one point I noticed that a black Porsche 911 Carrera stood in the parking lot, from which a young and very pretty girl got out. At first I didn't know if I should follow her or use this moment and take a closer look at Carrera for the first time in my life. Literally in a split second (quite rightly so) I calculated that my chance of picking up a young, beautiful and probably rich student of the Medical University is little (not to say any) so I preferred not to risk it and touch this sports body car with my finger once in my life. The model 993 or the fourth generation of Carrera may not have been one of the most "beautiful" cars on earth but it certainly was very perfected and advanced for those times. I remember that I was captivated by the simplicity of the interior of this car because I was expecting great fireworks and looking through the glass I only saw the steering wheel, gear shift jack and a few round clocks. Then I asked myself whether this is not the idea of super sports cars? After all, it's supposed to drive, not look.., right? Not exactly but I will tell you more about it later. For many years, Porsche was hanging around me, or rather me, but I had no opportunity to get behind the wheel until the turn of March and April 2017 or 2018 (I don't remember exactly). On the occasion of a visit to a car dealership in southern Germany, I got a test drive offer the latest for that time 911 Carrera 4s equipped with a sports exhaust system, the Sport Chrono package and a few other gadgets that I didn't remember because of my emotional arousal by the fact that I got permission to drive this car myself. The specimen that was waiting for me was equipped with a 420 horsepower engine, which allowed it to accelerate in 4.1s to the first hundred. I was afraid of this car. The suspension was tuned very sportily, the exhaust system shot, bubbling and in general I had the impression that every strong addition of gas was ment to kill me immediately. Exactly the same fears returned when I was on my way to get the latest Carrera 4s model, i.e. 992.


Porsche 911 Carrera 4s
28 November 2019

After reaching the place, when I received the key to the gates of sports paradise, a black, elegant and inconspicuous sports car appeared to my eyes. In principle, the style of the body of this car has been unchanged for years and so characteristic that the look of Carrera is difficult to compare to any other sports car in the world. While the shapes of the body parts in Lambo or Ferrari are so sharp that you can be injured so the power of peace comes over Porsche 911 and really only the rear of the car with two double exhaust pipes and huge wheel arches reveal its super sporty character. I used to wonder why designers do not want to take a bold step and redesign the body shape of the 911, but today I know that it is the right decision because this car just pleases the world in such a perfect and unchanged form. If it began to interfere strongly in the appearance of this car then 911 would stop to be "yourself" and certainly Porsche fans would not want to. As soon as I grabbed the door handle which automatically slid out after unlocking the central lock, a small, cozy cabin appeared, to my eyes resembling the study room of a German engineer at a precision equipment factory. I sat behind the wheel on a perfectly contoured armchair and immediately felt as if I was one whole permanently integrated with this car. Porsche is a role model of ergonomics and it does not apply only to Carrera. It was enough that I pulled back a little bit and basically I was ready to ride. But you know what? I looked around the interior of this car and came to the conclusion that it is terribly "cold, black, gray and gloomy". I did not feel a pang of emotions caused by cool, colorful, sporty accessories which would intensifies the sense of uniqueness of this car. Everything is well done, well thought-out, great materials.., but without the ardent feelings of a supercar, which the Porsche Carrera 911 undoubtedly is. The big touch display on the center console is a big surprise for me at least not because it is there, but because its menu is strikingly similar to that found in BMW cars. The Porsche monitor is an almost exact copy of the Live Cockpit from BMW. At first I thought it was bad, but after a while I realized that I was wrong because these systems are very intuitive and do not require university studies to operate them, and in my opinion this is the most important. Even someone who has never been in a Porsche should not have a problem with navigating the car's menu quite efficiently. In addition to the standard navigation, telephone and audio system support, we can enter the Car option, which will allow us to choose one of five driving modes: Wet, Normal, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual. If we decide to buy a sports exhaust system then an additional icon will appear on the display, after clicking which our car becomes very loud. The lap time counter with additional algorithms is available to the commander of this sports unit, thanks to which we will learn about our progress on the race track (not very useful function on the street). Porsche has not forgotten about safety, that's why we can use the lane change assistant, reversing camera (decent quality, but nothing more), the lane keeping assistant, the surrounding assistant, parking assist and active cruise control. On the console between the air vents and the monitor there are five buttons, two of which are programmable, and the next are used to turn on the hazard lights, turn off traction control and change the suspension hardness. Below on the central tunnel are respectively; buttons for controlling the air conditioning, knob for operating the audio and functions on the central monitor, buttons for heating and ventilation of the seats and a shift knob that reminds me of an ice-cream stick. The clocks at Porsche are a combination of tradition and modernity. In the center is a huge analog tachometer with an electronic speed and gear meter. There are two additional electronic displays on both sides of the monitor on which we will find information such as; speed, fuel level, range, overload indicator G and temporary drive transmission to individual axes (Carrera 4s definitely prefers rear-wheel drive;) the outside air temperature and water in the radiator. On the multifunction steering wheel, which I wanted to take as a souvenir, a knob was placed with which we can quickly switch driving modes. Great solution and very practical. At the very top of the dashboard a Porsche distinctive sign was installed, i.e. a watch with a stopwatch, which informed me that it was time to hit the road because the evening was coming and in a moment the temperature would drop to about 5 degrees which means that it would get uncomfortably. Let's go…


"die Ordnung"

Immediately after turning the key in the ignition a wide smile appeared on my face. The characteristic first "roar" of the launched three-liter, six-cylinder boxer makes us to be lost to the world, looking forward to the drive. Porsche Carrera is undoubtedly a craftsmanship of engineering as evidenced by the technical data of this car. The engine block and cylinder heads are entirely made of aluminum, and the entire body skeleton is a combination of high-grade steel and aluminum. Of course, there were six-piston brakes and the legendary PDK gearbox, which does such a job that if I installed it in Polish Fiat 125p, I would probably have the chance to win the 1/4 mile race competing with more than one modern car. Adding a series of stabilizers, computers and electronic differential lock on the rear axle with a completely variable torque distribution we get "something" which I fell onto the highway like a devil straight out of the darkness, not looking back. The acceleration of the 911 made a huge impression on me. Overloads during a quick start in about 3.6s to the first hundred made that after a while I just had enough of such fun. This car has no restraint, and it gives us such a great feeling of confidence behind the wheel that unless even my mother who would change from Toyota Aygo would have the chance to become a champion at a roundabout. The Carrera is driving well and is very predictable, I just kept the gas on, turned the steering wheel and the car went exactly where I planned.., only that at some point I forgot that it is a supercar, and “super-toys” are not underestimated. When enetering the traffic I pushed the gas harder and in a moment I was urgently countersteering having eyes like two coins. The engine of this car equipped with a double turbo, generates 450 horsepower!, and you cannot forget about it even for a moment! Once Carrera peeled me off the floor I focused on the suspension work, which is clearly more comfortable than in the case of the 991 model. I noticed that as long as we are on the road, let’s call it “the road full of holes” it is really OK and the new Porsche 911 is not much different from a regular car. However, if the road condition is really bad then we will feel each hole on your own ass and it will get so unpleasant that we will be happy to stop for coffee and a cake just to not sit in this car. Entering a small town, I didn't notice the brake threshold and I was forced to brake hard at the last minute (in a sense, push the "brakes hook" as hard as I can)... Carrera literally stood up so fast that my fringe fell on my eyes, the fringe I don't have. When returning home in this car, the temperature dropped significantly and the road got slippery. The car was still driving very well, but let's forget about driving in Sport or Sport Plus mode in such conditions. Feel the slippage of all the wheels, and this is not pleasant and as a consequence can lead to a situation in which only “the credits, took part and THE END “ will remain after us. Fortunately, safe and sound, we came to the summary :)

Would I like to have a Porsche 911 Carrera 4s Coupe in my garage... This car is undoubtedly an automotive piece of art in which was “packed” all the technology and knowledge about contemporary trends in the field of sports car design. I have heard many times that having a Porsche is associated with the automotive fulfillment of every adult man.., and there is something about it. Porsche 911 is a wonderful car that drives like a dream, the sound of its engine intensifies positive emotions and encourages fun that could last forever, but something is missing in this car. To full happiness (and this "black happiness" costs over 180,000 Euro) I miss the interior in which I would feel special. I like colors, details, additions and accents emphasizing the uniqueness of a particular car, and unfortunately for me that's what this car lacked... How do you like this wonder? :) The Combustion? But what does it matter in a super car. Simply fun costs 20 liters of gasoline (recommended 98) per 100 kilometers and you have to accept it…

At the end I would like to thank the owner of the Jasmine Palace in Batorowo for sharing the courtyard of this beautiful property for photos of this wonderful German machine. Thank you Mr. Marek.


Artur Rojewski

"Catch me if You can"

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