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„Bavarian Business"

When I saw the BMW 6 GT Series for the first time, I thought that perhaps the Germans went crazy by introducing a car model which isn't known for whom it was created. Considering the fairly insignificant market success of the BMW 5 GT Series, the withdrawal 6 Series Gran Coupe offer and replacing it with the Series 6 GT did not convince me with great optimism. Meanwhile, my reasoning turned out to be wrong, because the new BMW 6 Series GT is the larger overall successor of the 5 GT Series and it doesn't have much common things with old 6. Basically it's closer to 7 Series than to 5 or 6 Series of the previous generation. But the question is with whom should this car compete on the market? Is this such an individuality? Well, yes, the car has its own climate but I will tell you about later. In appearance, this Bavarian miracle resembles an "inflated five series" with a longer wheelbase and glazing resembling the wall of an office building in the center of Manhattan. The car gives the impression of a massive, large and comfortable limousine, which has been designed to cover many kilometers of roads without unnecessary stops. In a word, a cruiser in the European edition. The massive tailgate along with the rear window is a characteristic feature for the Liftback body, headlights overlapping the fenders and two longitudinal black exhaust pipes emphasize the musculature of the car even more. The frameless glass and the electric rear spoiler deserve praise, both of which bring a bit of sport and make the car look a bit more sleeker than it really is.


BMW 640i GT xDrive
09 March 2019

The car which I received for the test was "dressed" in the model variant Sport Line (something between Luxury Line and M-Sport). Interior looks like big comfortable saloon, as many space as in private jet, just everywhere above my head, around me and under my legs. The visibility of the road is excellent, slightly limited only by massive thick "poles" because it's difficult to call them just a car front pillars. Heated multifunctional steering wheel, "chairs" also with a "heater" and ventilation, adjustable in many planes, covered with black thick skin, very comfortable and the most importantly providing a sensational lumbar support and lateral body support on curves (everything with the possibility of individual adjustment to the silhouette of the driver and passenger). The dashboard of the new 6 GT Series is a whole range of electronic displays, monitors and mini monitors. All systems are controlled by an old, good intuitive and legible iDrive system. Traditionally, on the top of the center console there is a color monitor, whose functions are controlled by touch, gestures (yes yes gestures, applies to some functions) or traditionally a knob with a touchpad located on the right side of the gear shifter. Below you can find a display of two-zone air conditioning and several switches, with the help of which we can control the air distribution, seats heating and front seats ventilating. The car operating menu, as I have already mentioned, is not complicated, the functions are described in Polish, and the messages are unambiguous and understandable. Without leaving the vehicle, we can check the oil level or brake pads wear, we can set the intensity of the seat heating zones and the minimum temperature at which heating or ventilation will activate. Besides we can easily set the color and intensity of ambient lights in the cockpit, and if needed, we can use internet to find the weather information in the nearest hours and days in region where we are currently moving. More interesting settings regarding the vehicle itself is for example possibility of changing the appearance of "clocks" to more traditional or sports. Also we can set central monitor as an indicator of instantaneous use of engine power and torque. Besides on the center console we can find a USB port, in which we can insert a pendrive and enjoy music from Harman Kardon Logic 7 speakers.


"Cabin over the cabin"

My "little" new six Series with stamp 40i on the tailgate is not equipped with a four-liter gasoline engine but in three liter, six-cylinder and 340-horse power motor, from which the power is transferred via an automatic eight-speed gearbox to all four wheels. The well-known and proven BMW xDrive system supervises over the drive distribution for individual drive axles. Well, now it's time to go.Silence ... more silence .., and this is how I flow and coming to the conclusion that gasoline engine it's a gasoline engine, that's it. At low rpm speed in the Eco Pro or Comfort driving mode, the car is practically not audible. I'm floating far away from reality sitting in the vehicle behind thick frameless windows and focus my thoughts on something completely different than noise, because the noise simply doesn't exist there. All this melancholy atmosphere is disturbed only by holes on the road, which through the intermediary of the 20-inch wheels are trying to enter the cabin and spoil my mood. The steering wheel works softly, and the gearbox rather reluctantly responds to more nervous behaviours of my right leg. In a word "go ahead on the sails". Fortunately it's BMW, so everything can be changed by pushing one magic button. I mean SPORT which is one of the four driving modes (Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport and Individual) and changes diametrically settings of the steering wheel system, gearbox, engine and suspension.., at least in theory. I turned on the Sport mode, the "clocks" changed their appearance and became red, I feel the emotions, but ... well, the steering wheel is almost unchanged, still working too slightly, suspension is still too soft, everything doesn't looks like the Sport in the BMW meaning, only in the gearbox and the engine something perceptibly changed to positive. I push the gas pedal harder and then my BMW in the old good style gives me maximum fun for ride, and what does it mean? It means 5.3s to the first 100km/h. My first words: "Well, this is great BMW", the engine revs to almost 7,000 rpm, gearbox works quickly, the car gets a second life and shows claws. Well, but what about the suspension ?, I am just approaching the sharp corner, on the clock just a little more speed than average and I am wondering .., well, there is no time to wonder, I'm just going. I am pleasantly surprised, although the car is more bending on the curve, but still is welded to the road. I am adding more gas and waiting for the moment that the tires begin to squeak but nothing is happen ..., nothing squeals, there is no understeering, I just feel like a captain of spanish galleon which gliding on the waves.., but all the time with full of control. Just a little more gas and on the boarder of the grip the car gently begins to be oversteer, I feel that the rear axle slightly comes out of the track, but still the traction control doesn't react and the car is fully controllable and predictable. Well, bowing to the BMW constructors. In my opinion car behaves very stable on the corners despite the huge mass (over 2 tons), and soft suspension (even in Sport mode). Engine power is enough to control the car efficiently in situations where "power kick" is needed. Due to the fact that my BMW was equipped with M sports brakes I decided to check how they work and you know what? They works well.., but the problem is something else, namely mass .., mass pushes this car and it's literally felt by driver. Despite the dry surface, ideal road conditions, speeds less than one hundred kilometer per hour, sharp braking cause that the car glides forward like a cargo train. We can only observe flashing emergency lights (which turn on automatically during emergency braking) and ultra fast decreasing distance to the obstacling. Is this fault of BMW? Maybe fault of surface? No, it's the laws of physics, so remember that even the best "multi-pistons breaks" from Porsche, M-Power, AMG or Koenigsegg can't replace driver reasonably thinking. "Think, predict, and at the end do it" With this motto I would like to invite You to the summary.

Would I buy this car? The answer is no, but not because it's bad, it has some significant defects, it drive poorly, or it's low quality made. This car wasn't made for me, but for stable, middle-aged businessman who travels a lot, cares about family, company and himself, and he wants to look well, inspire confidence, be practical and not to show off in any particular way. If you would like to be visible in the city center think about Mercedes CLS or Audi A7, despite the fact that it is a bit different segment of cars. Dear readers I think that the 30i and 40i engines are the only right engines for this model. Think twice about purchasing two-liter diesels and don't make a hasty decision, as it may turn out that they are too weak for this huge car. Personally, if I decided to buy a 640i GT, I would choose the Luxury Line version because "six GT" isn't a sports car but luxury, so why not add wheels with higher tires profile to feel even a little more .., luxury ?? :)

And in this luxury climate, I greet you and leaving with the decision about purchasing beautiful, expensive and LUXURY cars;)

Artur Rojewski

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